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Dental Hygienist Sadaf


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Hello, my name is Sadaf.

I am a dental hygienist at Sincere Smiles and I would love to help my patients to achieve their oral health and beauty goals. Having good personal hygiene is the first step to being healthy and it’s my priority to educate my patients on maintaining their oral health. I believe that a beautiful smile makes you a lot more attractive and I am here to make you irresistible! I grew up in Tehran, Iran and moved to Denver with my family where I lived for 14 years. I enjoyed beautiful fall season in Colorado and Skiing in Rocky Mountains before moving to the Bay Area. I hold a Bachelors degree in biology and chemistry from University of Colorado and I worked as a dental assistant for 7 years before deciding to become a hygienist. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, hiking, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and shopping.

We sincerely want you to love your smile!