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Need to see a San Jose dentist for a missing tooth? Need to replace one or more missing tooth or broken tooth?

One way to do fill the gap, is a dental bridge. If the teeth surrounding the gap (missing teeth) have enough bone support and are healthy, a bridge is an option to replace the missing tooth. In this case the two surrounding teeth on either side are prepared (just like they would for receiving a crown) and will provide an anchor for the missing tooth. This is usually a two step process. On your first visit the teeth will be prepared and an impression will be taken of the teeth. You will be sent home with a temporary bridge. The impressions are sent to a trustworthy lab and approximately two weeks later you return for your second visit and the final bridge will be glued in place. After that all you need to do is continue your home care and regular dental checkups to assure the health of the teeth and tissues around the bridge.

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