The littlest twitch sets my nerves on edge. I had not gone to a dentist for over 10 years out of fear of pain. I found Fatima through a mutual friend. She is the best dentist i have ever gone to. She is always concerned with my comfort level as she performs her dentistry. Her practice is equipped with the latest dentistry equipment….Very Cool and pain free. Thank you Fatima.

I am a high anxiety dentist patient.


They are so welcoming, so kind and so thorough with letting you know what exactly is going on with your dental care. I was very hesitant to get a new dentist (having had my childhood dentist my entire life) upon moving to Santa Clara, and Dr. Vafai and her crew made the transition so much more easy. Even items such as asking questions and understanding my insurance was covered.

The staff at Sincere Smiles are awesome!


I have found my dentist. The people skills of all in this office are very high, #1 for me. Also, the high level of information I received in an understandable manner is noteworthy. I have seen several dentists over a period of 3 years who could not explain my problem, or correct it. Here, it was a no-brainer, immediately understood, seen, and a solution given. 5 stars!

Excellent all the way around.


As I stated in the dental chair, there should be more of you DR. Fatima. Your staff is great because you are top quality an you see and search that out in others. You got something very special set up in your practice. I have never had a better time. I felt like I was at home with a couple of buddies, doing each others hair or something. That is the level of comfort that you have accomplish and it beyond awesome. So many people who are afraid of the dentist, will never be again after meeting you. I’m really proud of you DR. Fatima for caring so much that your true aim is to change lives and the way people perceive dentistry. To make a dental visit as simple and as joyful as going to Starbucks for your favorite cup of Joe. Anyway, I’ve gone on and on, but you are so outstanding that I just have to share it with everyone. Feel free to share this as you see fit……You earned it DOC!

I love your approach to dentistry, it’s filled with thoughtful concern for all who will visit.

Rovette N.

 I was impressed with her professionalism and skill and easy-going manner and followed up with a teeth cleaning afterwards.  Later on, I’ll be seeing her for the new advanced Zoom teeth whitening. The Invisalign process was simple and she has all the latest hi-tech dental equipment that made the experience comfortable and reassuring.  And if you’ve ever get frustrated or antsy or restless during your dental treatments, be sure to ask Dr. Vafai to offer you DVD movies with a wireless headset – before you know it, the entire visit to the dentist will fly by.  I’d wish I stayed longer so I can finish the entire movie! Good job Doctor Vafai – great service and superb dental office – see you again real soon!

I just got a great deal for Invisalign teeth straightening at Dr. Fatima Vafai’s dental office in San Jose.

Jim M.

I dreaded going to go in for anything regarding my dental hygiene, but after getting 3 fillings filled, a deep cleaning, and some work done on my gums, I can honestly say that Dr.Vafai is one of the best dentists I’ve ever had. She is super gentle, and communicates with you during the entire process. She makes you feel very comfortable, and she is a true pro at numbing, I didn’t even feel a single pinch! I also love that she has movies available for you to watch to distract you. I would 100% recommend Sincere Smiles! I am looking forward to have regular visits here!

Before going to Sincere Smiles, I had avoided going to the dentist for 2 whole years due to my fear of pain and sensitivity of my teeth!

Anna S.

She replaced my ugly old crowns with new ones and whitened the remainder of my natural teeth. The result is a beautiful new smile that I am proud to show off. My confidence in everyday life has improved and my smile is wide open. Dr. Vafai’s mix of professionalism and her intuitive caring nature made the whole experience one that I will forever be grateful for. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants a beautiful healthy smile!

Dr. Vafai was very sensitive to my concerns and carefully answered all my questions before doing any work.

Tina P.

 With Dr. Vafai, I feel confident that I am getting excellent dental work from someone who is truly knowledgeable and stays current with modern techniques.  I feel she genuinely cares and she always puts my mind at ease with a welcoming smile. She’s the best dentist in San Jose!

I have worked in the health and dental field for 15 years so I know how important dental health is to our bodies’ wellness.

Linda F.

But from today on, that is not a problem because Dr. Vafai is very good at her job and for the first time I had no pain at all. I’m an IT guy so I am naturally curious about new technologies and instruments. Sincere Smiles had a lot of interesting and modern dental equipment and document management system including Digital X-Rays where you can also see what’s going on in your mouth (they have great in mouth photography system ), zoom, lasers, etc. The best part of my visit was that after filling out the electronic documents and taking X-Rays, I watched a movie which made the time pass by so fast and I didn’t hear anything around me! When the movie finished the doctor had finished and I left there with clean and healthy teeth.

I used to hate to go to dentists because I had a lot of pain while taking the shots.


We sincerely want you to love your smile!